Why is Corbyn doing so well?

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Jeremy Corbyn is doing so well in the Labour Leadership Election because he has a clear narrative of campaigning for a rebalance of power to create a fairer society.

The other Labour Leadership candidates are also saying the creation of a fairer society is one of their top priorities but lack Corbyn’s long history of struggle and campaigning for peace, human rights and social progress.

Because of his consistency of purpose Jeremy Corbyn is widely trusted, even by colleagues who do not agree with him.

All who are aware of his life history know that, if elected as Labour Leader, he could be relied upon to campaign for the rejection of austerity; for huge investment in housing; and for the scrapping of certain corporate subsidies and tax relief s which amount to £93 million.

These are big ideas which are practical, easily understood, and transparent.

Jeremy Corbyn argues that we need to judge our economy not on the number of billionaires we have, but on whether we can get rid of poverty.

This is a simple message that many participants in the current Labour Party Leadership Election are likely to agree with.

William Ronksley

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