Why I will join march

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I HAVE never been on a campaign march, despite being in a union for the majority of my working life.

But I feel I need to participate in the march on Saturday as the proposed government cuts on local and public sector services will be tragic to so many normal working class people. People like me.

I work in the NHS in Sheffield as an administrator for a community service. I have over 16 years service. It may not be my job that is made redundant, who knows?

But I can assure you, with cuts in Government funding and the proposed commissioning given to GPs, I am truly scared for the future of my family and friends.

Millions are unemployed, one of whom is my son, who finished university three years ago and has had no luck securing a permanent job.

Probably this situation will get even worse, with rising VAT, petrol, food and clothing prices yet I am expected to willingly accept a pay freeze for two years!

This is why, with every other trade unionist, I feel I must march and show that I do not accept the decisions made on our/my behalf to break up our NHS and public services. Make the people responsible for our huge financial problems pay, take it out of their pay and huge bonuses, not my small salary.

We must speak up loud and clear and make them listen to the people of this country, whom they represent and to whom they answer.

S Ferguson