Why I voted '˜Leave' in the EU referendum

As we approach the General Election on June 8, for which Brexit is one of the main topics in all the political parties campaigns, I read recently with a great deal of anger that renowned novelist, Ian McEwan, has insultingly said that over the next two years the death of elderly voters would help swing a second referendum against Brexit and that by 2019 thousands of elderly anti-EU voters would be 'freshly in their graves'.
EU ReferendumEU Referendum
EU Referendum

There are many who refuse to accept the democratic result of the referendum and seem to think we cannot survive once we have left this corrupt organisation.

Let me remind Mr McEwan and the bitter Remainers, as they seem to forget that Great Britain survived quite successfully before we joined the then Common Market (EEC) in 1973 and also jog their memory about the millions who died in World War Two to keep this country an independent nation, not one subservient to a body of unelected bureaucrats who are only interested in the £350 million per week they have been squeezing out of the UK.

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I was a war baby born in 1942 and remember the austerity my parents and millions of others endured after the war but no one complained as we had our precious freedom.

During the war the brave crews of the Lancasters flew off from this airfield on their bombing missions night after night and as dawn broke each morning the ground staff waited anxiously for the aircraft to return over the coastline. They had ‘counted them out’ and now they waited to ‘count them back in’ but sadly more went out than came back as 55,000 men of Bomber Command lost their lives and never returned home to their families. Thanks to their courage I enjoyed a safe and idyllic childhood as they gave their lives for the freedom we all have today.

As one of the older generation I remembered their bravery when I voted to Leave the EU in the referendum last June 23 and when the result was announced my daughter and I were tearful as we were so proud that the majority of British people had at last seen through the lies and scaremongering and had voted to leave the EU.

Immigration wasn’t the main reason I voted to leave as I just want to see our great country become independent once again for our children and grandchildren where our laws are made in our own Parliament.

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It has taken 44 years to reach this point at which, now that the Brexit negotiations are under way, we are now on the verge of breaking free from the shackles of the European Union. We must never forget those who sacrificed their future for our freedom in WW2.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10