"Why have they never had them?" Residents' shock as Sheffield Council announces tower block sprinklers following London fire

Tower blocks in Sheffield.
Tower blocks in Sheffield.
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Residents have reacted with shock and disbelief that Sheffield's tower blocks are to have sprinkler systems fitted in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy - with many questioning why they weren't already in place.

Sheffield Council has indicated that all 24 of the city's tower blocks will be equipped with the safety feature following the disaster in London which saw at least 79 people killed by a huge blaze which ripped through the building last week.

But many residents have reacted with shock that the systems weren't already in place.

Posting on Facebook Stephen Wan said: "I really can't believe that in today's "health and safety gone mad culture" that these don't have sprinkler systems already."

Dionne Billing was in agreement and wrote: "That was literally my first thought.. common sense it seems to me!"

And Keeley Hurst added: "I'm shocked that they don't already. It's common sense."

Paul Handley added: "Should always have been there and it's tragic that something so bad had to happen before the situation was reviewed.

"Prevention should always be the way so at least it's getting done now. Hopefully it's very soon. Hopefully Sheffield doesn't experience what London sadly has."

The authority has said it has already 'spent millions' on fire safety in its council homes and improvement works have been carried out over the last five years.

Bosses said they had 'always intended to review its policy on sprinklers later this year, at the end of that five year programme, but is bringing the commitment forward to provide 'extra reassurance' to residents.

The council will start consulting on a block by block basis later this year with tenants and leaseholders.

But some felt that the measures do not got far enough.

Philip Moore posted: "Just do away with high rise flats! Sprinkler systems will just be set off by idiots - so much land to build on where they've knocked old houses down ! Council need to build in deprived areas."

Diane Johnson added: "Good on Sheffield, prevention is better than nothing. But personally I don't like tower blocks always thought what would happen in a fire. Why don't they just build sensible affordable housing. I realise it'd cost. But I think lives are more important ."

Jay Buckley wrote: "Don't like tower blocks myself. Can't be good having 600 people in one building if something horrible happened people are going to get hurt. Stop building stupid buildings we don't need and build people houses."

RJ McAllister wrote: "High time! It took 78 (and counting) people to perish needlessly to get someone's attention while Muriel Rutherford added: "Bit late, as usual takes a tragedy and loss of life for things to be done."