Why don’t the councils stand up for us?

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With reference to Ron Humberstone’s letter in The Star (January 27) regarding Ecclesfield Laboratories, I worked there as a typist a couple of days a week from 1993-2002 in Highways and Lighting at the Olive Grove Depot.

I was dismayed to learn it had closed. It was well run and I remember Ron’s son, I think his name was Jon. The laboratory was funded by Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield councils and before that by the county council.

The laboratory tested materials for the construction and resurfacing of roads. I wonder what will happen now if the surfaces of the roads break up due to inferior materials not being tested.

It might come back to bite them and cost them more in the long run.

Another council venue disbanded and precious jobs lost. Why don’t the councils stand up for us all and fight back?

Julia Taylor