Why don’t Russia and China tell Assad to stop?

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“Shame on you Russia and China”. This is what the headlines should say in every newspaper in Europe and The West.

Whilst watching the atrocities committed in Syria and the resulting suffering of the people, especially little children, and whilst hearing politicians of most nations arguing the merits of limited strikes on this despicable regime, we should remember that the ones who could easily bring it to an end with little effort are Russia and China .

This seems to be overlooked by all the aforementioned politicians.

Instead of supporting Assad and preventing the UN from taking concerted action, why are they not on the ground in Syria to see how their friend is treating his own people?

Why do they not tell him that these are war crimes and order him to stop immediately?

Do they not care?

Do they think this is normal?

Aren’t they supposed to be civilised nations?

I would like to see every newspaper and every politician of every nation, repeating this phrase daily, in print and on TV news and currents affairs programmes until Russia and China are shamed into taking action.

Every nation should call in their ambassadors and make it clear that the whole world sees them both as disgraced and uncivilised nations who care for nothing but money and trade.

AJ Hackenthorpe

by email