Why do yoof love selfie shots so? Because they’re falsies

Rihanna on  her 'Diamonds World Tour (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)
Rihanna on her 'Diamonds World Tour (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)
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UK youth is selfie-obsessed.

They’re posing and pouting for some 35million ‘selfies’ every month - that’s over one million a day.

It’s an addiction. Flick onto any teen relative’s facebook page and it’s a wall of self-idolation. Not one dodgy pic (i.e. one that actually bears a close resemblance) ever makes the frame, you’ll note.

Selfie-possessed young celebrities probably kick-started the trend. Narcisistic Popster Rihanna takes them endlessly. So does One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles and that utterly vain ex Corrie actress Helen Flanagan, who was never right after John Stape kidnapped her.

Though you can see their motivation; it’s all about maintaining their profile (best side on, hair over one eye, chin slightly dipped).

For the little nobodies, it’s all about wanting to be something you’re not. To their friends. To themselves, most of all. For in this image-obsessed age, being able to gaze at pix of oneself, frozen in time, looking far sexier/prettier/fitter than you actually are in real life, gives some kind of reassurance. Even though, most of the time, a selfie is actually a self-delusion. A falsie.

I was about launch into an indignant attack; rant on about how we didn’t do this in my day. Then I remembered giggling with a bezzie in the queue for the instant photo booth on the backstairs at Woolworths; of us peering into a tiny compact mirror to primp our sponge-rollered curls and khol-lined eyes, then pulling the grotty grey curtain shut and posing as fast as we could each time the crudest and cruelled flash popped.

If you were lucky, that burst of light was so bright it wiped out all your spots.

All I can say is kids WILL grow out of it. not out of boredom, but out of vanity. Get to my age and every single close-up is goddam awful.