Why can’t you keep your nose out, Tony?

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Why can’t Tony Blair keep his nose out of the Labour Leadership contest?

The Labour relic has been resurrected by his right-wing friends who obviously believe that to become a credible leader of the party he/she should follow in the footsteps of Mr Blair by sucking up to big business, grovel up to Washington, make cosy deals with the monopoly media, not to challenge power and money, which they firmly believe is the right route to win the next General Election.

If the grass roots in the Labour party swallow the Blairite beliefs then I have to say that they will be in opposition for a long time to come and they can forget about winning back lost seats in Scotland.

Before warning those eligible to vote to reject Jeremy Corbyn because his policies are not acceptable to the electorate perhaps Mr Blair needs reminding of his 1997 manifesto promises that he failed to keep.

He promised to renationalise our railways and that he would refuse to implement Tory plans to introduce student tuition fees.

In his three term tenure he extended privatisation through public-private partnerships and PFI deals that have cost the public purse a fortune and he led our country into bloody wars in Yogoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, costing billions.

Added to all that, Mr Blair was responsible for the collapse of trust in Labour and of four million voters who walked away from his party disillusioned with him and his policies.

In my opinion the right-wing of Labour instead of hurling abuse at a prospective candidate that they look down on along with party members who have a right to make up their own minds should look at themselves and past policies that have fell on stoney ground first.

Unlike the other three candidates who so far appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet, Mr Corbyn is at least clear and open about his plans to take the party forward.

This in my book is called leadership, which is something that Labour has been lacking for a very long time.

John Yale

Henry Street, High Green, S35