Who will enforce limit?

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Paul License (Mar 18) was spot on over Stradbroke’s proposed 20mph limit.

The same plan is proposed for Shiregreen and we appear to have received a similar letter as Stradbroke people. A load of facts and figures which mean nothing to the average person.

Apparently 22 people were injured in five years, on an estate where tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds have already been spent on traffic calming. Presumably these didn’t work adequately, so the answer is to throw more money at the problem. No information is given about how serious, or trivial, these injuries were.

We daily see traffic speeding around the estate (mostly delivery vans, lorries, taxis and youths). People who drive reasonably, partly to avoid wrecking our cars on road humps and potholes, will continue to do so. The others won’t because they don’t have the common sense to do otherwise.

According to a leaflet we received, ‘Lower speeds can encourage more walking and cycling’. I can see the delivery guys now, sedately peddling along with baskets on their bikes, cheerily waving to all the folk who abandoned their cars and pick up the kids from school, or go shopping, on foot. Get real.

What about pedestrians? Don’t they have a responsibility too? A few days ago I almost hit a youth who walked across the road in front of me. He was wearing a hoodie and didn’t look before stepping out. To this day I believe he is oblivious to how near he came to being hit.

Of course we need to cut accidents, how can you argue with that, but is a 20mph limit the answer? My understanding is that the scheme consists of merely erecting signs. What’s the point? Who will be there to enforce it?

And that’s the crux of my argument: there will be no-one to enforce the limit.

Perhaps we have to accept that, unfortunately, there may always be accidents whatever the council does, so long as both drivers and pedestrians fail to act sensibly.

SC, Shiregreen