Who to contact is you notice fish in distress during warm spell

As water temperatures rise the dissolved oxygen levels in water can drop to dangerously low levels resulting in fish deaths.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:40 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:42 pm
John Cheshire
John Cheshire

Several clubs have already closed their River Trent fisheries to angling as a safety precaution so do check before planning a trip.

If you spot fish in distress don’t hesitate to call the Environment Agency hotline on 0800 807060.

It is their remit to respond to these emergencies.

Sportsman Hackenthorpe Sheffield

Lodge Farm Fisheries, Long Island Pond

Secretary’s Venue Rating: 8/10. Good venue, well established and very well run.

Cafe on site and park behind most pegs.

With floating baits banned at Lodge Farm it was frustrating to see shoals of carp cruising around in the surface layers yet surprisingly very few fish were caught by anglers fishing shallow.

Match winner Dave Devine had to chop and change throughout the match to attract bites but it was a late run of fish from the margins using dead red maggots that gave him not just a win on the day but sufficient points to seal the club’s angler of the year trophy.

Runner-up Chris Legdon ran Devine close on the day fishing to a gap between two islands using bomb and pellet but was left to rue the time he wasted trying to catch on the pole as one decent fish could have swung it. Third placed Mick Postlethwaite had a huge carp said to be nearly 20lbs in his catch.

Result: 1. D Devine 80-5; 2. C Legdon 74-0; 3. M Postlethwaite 5-8; 4. J O’Rourke 49-12; 5. P Hancock 47-9; 6. J Mulhern 43-6.

Sheffield Friday Club

Springvale Lakes, First Spring

A superb set of silver fish weights, practically all ide with winner John Fletcher catching on maggot fished well off the bottom.

Result: 1. J Cheshire 77-1; 2. M Palmer 76-6; 3. F Driver 69-1; 4. D Stanniland 65-2; 5. M Buckler 56-4; 6. D Beckett 54-7.

Sothall AC

Woodhouse Grange, Kingfisher Lake

It was a nail biting finish on Kingfisher where two anglers shared almost 240lbs of fish but were separated by just 9 ounces.

Both caught a mixture of carp and F1s, John Cheshire taking the verdict using maggots, Fred Driver missing out so narrowly on pellets.

Result: 1. J Cheshire 119-15; 2. F Driver 119-6; 3. M Buckler 114-10; 4. P Nicklin 78-9; 5. D Beckett 76-14; 6. R Else 71-3.

Sothall AC

Springvale Lakes, Oak Avenue

Mick Buckler’s winning catch included a fantastic 114lbs of ide caught on casters fished shallow.

Result: 1. M Buckler 131-3; 2. P Gray 85-2; 3. F Driver 75-1; 4. D Stanniland 64-12; 5. A Bacon 59-14; 6. R Else 57-9.

Tuesday Club, Worksop

Wetlands, Sutton Cum Lound

Targeting carp on simple bomb and pellet tactics produced 3 of the top four weights with only 3rd placed Mick Pogson breaking the mould, catching bream on the pole. John Cooke was top dog at Peg 6 with the match’s only ton-up catch.

Result: 1. J Cooke 103-2; 2. S Fielding 75-8; 3. M Pogson 64-7; 4. J Harding 55-6.

Lord Nelson AC

Lodge Farm Fisheries, Signal Pond

Result: 1. Kev Parkes 55-8 (Winner caught on pellet at 6 metres before switching to dead red maggots in margins at Peg 3); 2. E Lazenby 53-5; 3. M Burkinshaw 49-14; 4. C Hepworth 42-14.

Lord Nelson AC

Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Pond

Result: 1. Tony Shaw 112-5 (Winner caught on a top 2 plus 2 feeding 6mm fishery pellets fishing 8mm hookbaits at Peg 6); 2. Kev Parkes 108-10; 3. Roy Gibson 99-12; 4. M Burkinshaw 83-3.

Houghton Main AC

Rhode Island Lakes, Laurels Lake

Drawn on Peg 23, Andy Wilburn made the best of an empty peg by fishing tight to the vacant platform with corn over micros, narrowly edging out Vic Molyneux using identical tactics at Peg 21.

Result: 1. A Wilburn 9-15; 2. V Molyneux 86-15; 3. M Sixsmith 73-12; 4. R Burgin 66-0; 5. P Turner 58-0; 6. S Law 56-13.

Batchelors AC

Sykehouse Fisheries, Match Lake

One fish was the difference between each of the leading places with the exception of fifth where there was a dead heat. John Eves managed to get his nose in front of everyone at Peg 18 fishing pellet waggler.

Result: 1. J Eves 91-6; 2. A Jardine 88-12; 3. M Tindle83-12; 4. D Brownhill 77-4; 5=. M Eshelby and G Morris 71-6.

Woodseats AC

Lindholme Lakes, Laurels Lake

There was no stopping Mark Holmes who fished his favoured ‘caster shallow’ in the margins at Peg 23.

Result: 1. M Holmes 140-10; 2. G Turner 128-8; 3. G Wilkinson 92-2.

Woodseats AC

Swanlands Fishery, Burger Lake

The in-form Peg 11 produced again with Terry Oldfield who caught fishing across to the island with banded pellet before topping up from the margins. Result: 1. T Oldfield 123-4; 2. M Holmes 92-13; 3. M Avery 89-2.

Woodseats AC

Hallcroft Fisheries, Moat Island Lake

A mostly carp net taken on corn fished short along the margins paid off for Dave Holberry at Peg 25.Result: 1. Result: 1. D Holberry 92-4; 2. S Gaston 77-5; 3. W Nelson 61-4.