Who should be helping Magna?

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THE Magna tourist attraction in Rotherham should represent part of the steel manufacturing legacy of this region.

It is a wonderful educational resource and a useful tourist attraction.

The only problem is that it appears not to be a great viable business proposition. In the past financial year it is reporting a £1.2m loss – and this won’t be the first year that it has been struggling financially.

Managers of the charity are asking Rotherham Council to approve a loan to help its budgeting.

But in these times of austerity and council cutbacks we have to ask the question is this the best use of scarce public money?

Other businesses have to make cuts or reappraise their offerings in these straitened economic times – charities should not be immune either.

And if Magna has already done this, then the further and harder question has to be asked – has Magna a viable future if it is failing to attract the visitor numbers?

It is not for the council to put in money – but maybe the likes of Forgemasters, Tata and Outukumpu could come to the rescue.

After all it is their heritage that Magna is celebrating.

Loathsome yobs who must not win

THE vandals who have struck at Dronfield’s lovingly restored train station disgust us.

These loathsome yobs have managed to wreck the new art exhibition which had added a splash of colour to the station, which has proved a lure with visitors since undergoing a refurbishment.

Sadly, there are always mindless idiots who delight in wrecking the efforts of others.

They could never show the community spirit demonstrated pupils from Dronfield Junior and Infant Schools and Gorseybrigg Primary School, who had helped spruce up the station.

All they can offer is destruction.

Their acts are pathetic, as are they, and we hope the station can be quickly restored to show that the vandals will never win.

Smarter policing

THE Sweeney’s Jack Regan would be turning in his grave, but modern-day detectives have been told to smarten up their act.

They must dress more smartly so they ‘look the part’ while on duty to increase the visibility of police officers in South Yorkshire.

Sounds like a fair cop to us.