'Who is responsible for moving this car dumped on Sheffield estate?'

A community leader is calling for answers as to who is responsible for moving a dumped sports car, which is causing an eyesore on a Sheffield estate after not being moved for more than nine months.

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 8:56 am
Updated Thursday, 31st May 2018, 1:07 pm
Residents said the Porsche hasn't moved from this spot on Atlantic Road since last September.Picture: Marie Caley

Stephen Rich, secretary of Greenhill and Bradway Tenants and Residents' Association, said the car had not moved from an area of grassland in Lowedges since Septembe2017.

Mr Rich said: "There's a black Porsche on Atlantic Road and it's been there since September and the grass is really high around it because the grass cutting team daren't go anywhere near it.

"I spoke to the workers who were there the other day trying to cut the grass and they were saying because it's taxed, tested and insured they couldn't move it but surely you can't just park it there and leave it on council land.

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"It's making the area very unsightly because all of the grass is cut nice and short but then around the car it's so long because they can't go near it."

Mr Rich said he thought the vehicle was probably worth at least £5,000 but had not moved since September 2017.

He added: "Amey came up here to do all the roads and footpaths and they put signs up saying if you were parked on the road or footpath your vehicle would be towed away so why can't something similar be done about this Porsche?"

The Porsche comes after The Star reported on three cars were left abandoned in a car park outside a block of flats in Woodhouse in February - one of which had not moved for 18 months.

The law states that local authorities (councils) must remove abandoned vehicles from both 'land in the open air' and roads.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said it had 'no power to remove' cars which were taxed, tested and insured and the responsibility lied with the council.

Alastair Black, waste strategy officer at Sheffield Council said:“Sheffield Council Housing Service is aware of this vehicle and has been working in partnership with our local policing team to get it removed due to its impact on the grass cutting programme.

"However due to the length of time the vehicle has been parked in the same location, the council’s waste management service is now investigating it as an abandoned vehicle. If it is found to be abandoned, regardless of its taxed, MOT'd and insurance status, the registered keeper has 10 days to remove it.

"If they fail to remove it they will be issued with a £350 fixed penalty notice plus the removal and storage costs incurred by the council when they remove it. Once removed the registered keeper has 14 days to reclaim it before it is crushed.

"The use of knee rail fencing is now being considered to prevent any vehicles gaining access to this grassed area in the future.”