Who isn’t on Labour’s list?

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I was intrigued by comments from Julie Dore, the Labour leader of Sheffield Council, on funding for community events (Dec 14, Council leader commits to funding for Fayre).

I support Sheffield Fayre, so I think the news it will receive some funding is welcome. However, Coun Dore also said Labour councillors ‘had a meeting where we listed events we wanted to support – and the Fayre was on that list’.

This begs the question, which events aren’t on Labour’s list? I’m sure hundreds of other events would also like to know if they will receive funding, though I doubt the information will be forthcoming.

Lib Dem councillors have asked for information like this in order to scrutinise the proposed budget for next year, only to be denied time and time again. We are told that cuts have been ‘signed off politically’ but aren’t allowed access to the information. This is a return to the Betts and Blunkett era, which many people had feared.

By keeping information like this secret and making decisions behind closed doors Coun Dore and Labour are breaking their promise to be open and honest. It’s time people had all the options and choices for next year’s budget laid out before them so they can make up their own minds.

Coun Simon Clement-Jones, Lib Dem Shadow member for finance

Moving home

I’d like to offer some advice to recent correspondent ACT and any other council tenant whose home is too big for them.

Sheffield Homes’s Smart Move service helps tenants to transfer from homes that are too big for them to a smaller more manageable homes. This is purely on a voluntary basis. Nobody has to move unless they want to.

Since March 2010, 114 households have been helped to move to smaller accommodation, meaning we have more larger homes to let to households that are overcrowded.

If any tenants would like to join the Smart Move service or if anyone needs more information, call 0114 2930000 (North) or 0114 2053333 (South), email smartmove@sheffieldhomes.org.uk or visit sheffieldhomes.org.uk/myHome/MovingHome/SmartMoveYourWayToANewHome.aspx

If ACT would like to contact me I will ensure the Smart Move team arrange a visit to describe how we can help.

Peter Morton, Chief Executive

Sheffield Homes