Who is this fellow?

Who is this fellow Brexiteer Alan Charlesworth of Woodhouse, (The Star, March 10, 2017)? Is he some sort of '˜spy'? An undercover member of MI5 or even MI6-7-8-9 or even a member of Big Brother?

Tuesday, 14th March 2017, 6:08 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:58 am

I ask the question simply because he seems to know a hell of a lot about nothing. He even tells me and the rest of The Stars readership who my leader is, really!

Just a word in your ear Mr Charlesworth, never surmise or guess on anything unless you know that the facts are 100 per cent correct.

By the way I can and will definitely tell you with authority that your leader ‘Jezza’ Corbyn will never be mine. There you go, you’ve got me guessing now.

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Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Bullied out of post

I hope and pray that those so-called Christians who have just bullied a very devout Bishop so that he felt he had to stand down from the post of Bishop of Sheffield, can preach to their congregations about love, tolerance and acceptance of peoples differences, without having to keep their fingers crossed.

Anne Palmer

Richmond Road, Sheffield, S13

Pavements are for people

I was recently nearly knocked down by some moron, who said I should look where I am going.

He decided to drive on the pavement. Up until today I always thought the pavements were for people not cars.

It seems I am wrong, you can drive where you like.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Something to think about

The recent starvation crisis in Africa is dreadful to say the least, and the TV coverage hard to watch. But the problem is not a new one.

I remember going to school in the ’60s and ’70s being shown pictures of hordes of starving children in Biafra with swollen bellies, flies round their mouths and eyes, looking despairingly at the camera.

Teachers urged us to bring silver paper and old clothes to raise money for the cause.

Our mums and dads would remind us of those images if we left anything on our plate at mealtimes.

In the ’80s came Live Aid which raised millions for Africa.

Add the billions that have been sent in overseas aid from Britain, America and other western countries and you have to ask why is it still the same?

How can the situation not have improved? Where’s all the money gone?

Not to sound callous, but with years of austerity affecting many on our own doorstep, folk are now more reluctant to give to charity these days.

However, one solution I believe would have an immediate effect on the situation would be to introduce the contraceptive pill to limit and control the birth rate to a manageable level.

Every time I see the newsreels of these starving communities, many of them children, I ask why on earth would they want to bring a child into a world of poverty, deprivation and death.

The Pill would give them that choice. For something that would cost very little, yet have such a massive impact, it’s worth thinking about.

Peter Flynn


How are we better off?

Remainers say we are better off in the EU. How can we be better off?

We’d got rid of pawbrokers and soup kitchens etc. Now we have pawnbrokers back, food banks have appeared, along with money lending shops and people sleeping in the streets.

If that is better off, God help us if we get poor.



Darwin is no more

I’m very surprised that no one seems to be mourning the loss of the fine painting of Charles Darwin which used to look down on me on my walk to work.

Perhaps the bricks have been reassembled elsewhere?

Margaret Phipps

Nether Edge

Sheffield roads

I moved from Sheffield 12 months ago to the tranquil setting of East Yorkshire! New job, new start etc... and have been working with people from Poland.

One of the Polish work colleagues is visiting Sheffield every week to visit family. Imagine my laughter when she said “oh my God the roads, what happened to the roads in Sheffield”? What can one say?

Ashamed Dean

by email

Nothing is ruled out

Hurlfield View, Sheffield City Council’s last specialist dementia centre, is closing.

This is something that my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I, along with 9,000 other people who signed a petition, were against, but unfortunately the Labour Council thought they knew best.

I was surprised then to read in the cabinet papers on Tuesday, that Sheffield risks having insufficient care places of the right quality and price for the people who need them.

Hurlfield View was a fantastic place, not only due to the amazing staff who are being moved on, but because of the first-class professional support services and excellent facilities, which were recently upgraded at taxpayers’ expense at a cost of £500k.

The council have not yet decided what they are going to do with the building.

They have not ruled anything out, including selling it off for development.

But to do so would be complete madness.

I hope that Labour will do the right thing and work with care home providers to make sure that the building is best used and provides those extra care places.

Coun Bob Pullin

Shadow Cabinet member for Health and Social Care

Let’s be ’avin’ you

I would like to take issue with those who have called Coun Brian Lodge a liar, whether hurling this accusation from the public gallery at full council, or besmirching him on social media.

True, his unchallenged use of unverified facts in the local media annoys many numerate and informed members of the public. However, we should be more understanding. Brian is, you see, simply being economical with the truth, particularly with regards to street trees.

So then, Brian may not be a liar, but he sails close to the wind spinning the truth.

It’s no easy job dealing with sustained protests, of that I am sure, so the odd slip between the fact cup and the lip is probably inevitable.

Such a shame then that the local media can’t sort out an independently chaired public debate, one where real tree and engineering experts can tackle the council and Amey on the real facts upon which decisions about our valuable healthy street trees should be based. Bring it on Councillor Lodge, or as Delia Smith might have implored, ‘Let’s be ’avin’ you.’

Richard Ward

Fountside, S7