Who could do this to a nurse?

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A NURSE in full NHS uniform was kicked, punched and stamped on by two violent robbers who made off with her handbag as she lay screaming in agony on the ground in Sheffield.

Lorna Hobson, aged 65, thought she would be killed as she was viciously beaten while waiting for the bus home opposite the Northern General Hospital, Fir Vale.

The nurse, from Lowedges, Sheffield, says she has been left so shocked by the horrifying attack that she will probably never work in nursing again – and questioned why the thieves ignored her medical uniform.

“It was obvious I was a nurse,” said Mrs Hobson, a healthcare assistant for the Northern General’s evening and night service.

“I feel very angry they didn’t see my uniform. I was wearing a big coat with ‘NHS’ written on it. That didn’t make any difference to them. They didn’t have any respect for me.

“I find it hard to comprehend. Why did they have to beat me so badly?”

Mrs Hobson was left with injuries across her body, including deep bruises on her face and across her ribs.

“I’m in a lot of pain, at the moment I still can’t believe it happened,” she said.

The robbery happened on December 28, at about 10pm, after Mrs Hobson had finished a four-hour evening shift at the hospital.

“We’d had a lovely evening, we’d cut up Christmas cake and had a nice time, I was really happy when I left,” said the nurse, a married mum-of-three with five grandchildren.

Mrs Hobson walked from the Northern General to the bus stop at the junction of Herries Road and Norwood Road, where she waited for the number 87 service to Lowedges.

“I walked down the path to the bus stop, which is brightly lit, and stood inside the bus stop,” she said.
“I noticed two youths across the road, they passed me and then must have come up behind me as I was waiting for the bus.”

The youths are described as aged between 16 and 20, about 6ft, skinny and dark-skinned. One of them was wearing grey jogging bottoms and a dark top.

Mrs Hobson said: “One of them said something about the time.
“I remember looking at my watch and then one or both of them jumped on me and grabbed my bag. Because I screamed, they punched me full in the face.”

The robbers dragged the nurse out of the bus stop and up a nearby gravel path as she continued to scream.

“It was dark and I couldn’t see anything, I just remember screaming, kicks, punching and stamping. They were swearing at me.”

Mrs Hobson said the robbers left after possibly being disturbed – but then returned to continue the assault.

“I remember lying on the ground thinking ‘I’m safe, I’m still alive’, but then I saw them coming back and they started it all over again. I thought it was going to be the end, that they would kill me.”

The robbers finally stopped when they were spotted by a female passer-by. They fled with Mrs Hobson’s shoulder bag – which held her purse containing £60 and her house keys, along with medical paperwork – while the rescuer took the nurse to casualty.

“It’s all a bit of a blur after that,” said the victim.

“I remember thinking ‘I hope my patients’ notes are safe’. I don’t feel I hate the people who hurt me, but for 22 years I’ve been a nurse and I’ve always avoided anything happening to me.

“I doubt very much I will be going back to work at all.”

South Yorkshire Police are now appealing for witnesses to the robbery and assault.

A force spokeswoman said: “Detectives would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or who may have information leading to the arrest of the men.”

n Anyone with information is asked to call 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.