Who are these people?

Are the people who are responsible for bus service changes ever held accountable for the disruption and inconvenience they cause for passengers?

Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 6:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 1:58 pm

For many years my son has caught the 5.50am 69 bus to work from the Interchange. Two or three weeks ago a notice was put at the stop saying the number would change from September 5 from 69 to X1. No problem you may think.

On Friday I called at the Travel Information office on Arundel Gate to ask if there were any timetable changes.

The lady kindly gave me a timetable booklet. I opened it out later and found a section at the bottom stating that the X1 would start and terminate at Eyre Street, Moorfoot.

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I rang my son in his lunchbreak and suggested that he asked the driver of the 69 that evening if the bus would still go into the Interchange. The driver said it wouldn’t, although he couldn’t understand why.

Most people who catch that bus have already travelled into town from home, and many of them will have got off that bus at the interchange.

My son went to town on Saturday to look for the Moorfoot stop ready for Monday morning.

He got the bus OK this morning, but when it got to the next stop near Haymarket there were angry people who had gone as usual to the Interchange.

The 69 bus used to pass my son’s workplace. However, this morning it turned off.

He asked the driver where it was going and was told straight to Meadowhall.

My son got off and walked back and got to work 25 minutes later than usual.

He looked at the travel information board at his usual alighting stop, and it was still showing the 69 timetable, with no mention of the fact that the stop was no longer served by a bus service.

There have been no leaflets given out on the bus prior to the changes, no information at bus stops along the route.

There will have been many people late to work today.

Oddly, many bosses don’t want to hear that you have had bus problems.

Who the hell are these arrogant people who blithely change routes and numbers with no thought at all for the travelling public and the upheaval their decisions cause?

Mrs M Hartley

Sheffield, S8