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I HAVE now read two letters in The Star which criticise the reputation of the late

Mr Mark Wallis, whose recent death was also reported in your columns.

I did not personally know Mr Wallis, so I do not have a first-hand opinion of him, but I feel rather shocked at your correspondents’ outspoken attacks on a man who has died so recently that those who cared about him have had no chance to come to terms with their loss.

The fact that these letters were also anonymous is another cause for concern.

It is not that people’s views should be suppressed, but that the sympathy usually extended to those who knew the deceased is surely important.

It sounds as if Mr Wallis was also quite vulnerable in some ways, and surely love and compassion are the guiding principles here.

Anita Guiton. Upperthorpe, S6

I see that The Star (Feb 7) carried another comment from Mr or Ms Naas (Name and address supplied) about Mr Wallis under the headline Mark Wallis was threatening.

It may have been challenging for various council staff if Mr Wallis was calling at their offices.

But for many of the last 20 years, council staff have been in the invidious position of administering deteriorating services to the public.

In housing, for example, The Star often used to mention how the arrears in benefit claims, dealt with by an outfit called CSL were ‘unacceptable’, ‘outrageous’ etc.

Personally, I used to react to poor service by CSL by contacting councillors, MPs, the Director of Housing and the City’s Chief Executive, among others, but I appreciate not everyone would have found this easy to do.

Simon Rawlins