Whiston's on the map

As a change from politics, trees and bus services I thought some of your readers might like to know a bit more about the SImplex Cars.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 6:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 6:46 am
Simplex car

This is an extract from the memoirs of Harold Armitage, (a well-known former resident of Whiston in Rotherham), “The Simplex cars were tested before the body was built on by the driver sitting on a box to drive them.

They would come and test them up Guilthwaite Hill, (which is near Whiston and is steep!) and I thought it was a wonder to see the speed and the dust they left behind”.

As secretary to the Whiston Heritage Society I am delighted to be able to report this fact, once again putting Whiston on the map.

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Henry Tompkin

Hall Crescent, Rotherham, S60

Disgraceful acid attack

I have recently seen on our local news the disgusting disgraceful acid attack on a poor defenceless horse in Chesterfield.

What a cowardly attack, I really hope that life repays whoever carried out this sick attack in the most horrendous way.

Surely someone knows who carried out this attack, so if you are that person then if you do not expose their identity then your as sick as them.

If you are the person who carried this out then please seek psychiatric help as there is no reason in the world you can justify your actions to convince any sane person that it was justifiable.

If children have carried out this attack then parents wake up and smell the coffee...What kind of mindless, heartless monsters have you brought into the world that are your flesh and blood?

Lee Roundill

Brookland Road, Hull, HU5

They already have a life

With reference to Peter Nicklin’s letter, (‘Get a life’, The Star, April 28), his opinion is that the people who’ve sought medical help due to being stressed by the tree felling, (and, let it be said, the demoralising effects of feeling unheard by ‘the powers that be’,) should find something better to do and try getting a life.

My own estimation is that anyone who cares enough about this issue to become unwell is of great sensitivity, intelligence and integrity.

Such types always have plenty to occupy themselves, therefore they already have a life.

They also, however, find time to care about their environment and try to address anything that’s a potential threat to it.

Where did this ‘get a life’ expression originate from anyway?

I’d never heard it until the 1990s.

It’s an insulting phrase, I reckon, and it kind of diminishes someone’s very existence.

Of course, debate is always a good thing and people have always got a right to express their opinion, but it’s better all round if this can be done without resorting to being insulting.

Oh, I know I’ve had my moments, and am as guilty as anyone else, but there’s enough ill feeling and conflict in this world, (and much worse besides), without any adverse comments appearing on these pages.

My suggestion to contributors on this page who have ever overstepped the mark, (and, yes, this applies to me too), is more respect, please.

After all, we’re all on this planet for a relatively short run and while we’re here, from this moment onwards, we could at least keep it civil.

Or, failing that, civil-ish.

Let’s hope that everyone is all on the same page(s) in this issue.

CM Langan


Explaining my point

Having just seen the reply by Susan Richardson to my previous letter regarding people having to see their GP with stress caused by the tree situation, what a sad person she is .

She states that people who love trees are distressed.

Susan they are trees, as I stated in my letter.

There must be more important things in their life than worrying about a few trees.

I have just read the letter from C Froggatt that explains my point perfectly .

P Nicklin

Sheffield, S8

Infuriating woman

When Diane Abbot comes on the TV or the radio it’s a quick turn-over, although I did catch a bit of her car crash interview the other morning.

She’s an infuriating woman who loves the sound of her own voice.

I would like to know what’s wrong with having immigration targets?

She seems to suggest that if Labour win, (God forbid), everyone will be welcome here, wake up that’s not what people want.

There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to live here but we want those that can bring a career to these shores, not masses who descend and ruin this city. We all know what areas we are talking about.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

More like the worst way

Great news, Sheffield council are to spend £2.2 billion on refurbishing the city’s grotty subways.

What they really mean is they want to send thousands of people underground, so that car users won’t be inconvenienced by pedestrian crossings.

The refurbishments they do will only last so long before the subways return to being the hell holes that they have been since the day they were built.

Vandalism, graffiti, beggars, even yellow bikes, find there way there.

Subway, more like Worst Way.

EB Warris