Where were leaders when riots began?

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like many others in our once beautiful peaceful country, I’ve followed the riots and watched with interest the events unfold, often thinking what would happen next?

Would it be my city, or maybe break out in the smaller rural area? And where were our great leaders to restore law and order to our smouldering chaotic cities? Sunning themselves on holiday.

But like the good captain he is along came our leader to save the day, promising to throw the full weight of the law at the offenders.

But along with Cameron, came Boris Johnson and others, all with the exception of one man...Nick Clegg.

Why didn’t he show his face? Then it struck me. I recalled an interview he gave on TV prior to the elections warning the country not to elect David Cameron and if they did there would be anarchy and bloodshed on the streets. So what did he do ? Yup, jumped straight into bed with Cameron for a cheap shot at power and gave him free rein to cut this country’s resuorces to the bone and leave it in a very vulnerable state for the rioters and looters to terrorise the streets.

Well done, Clegg. You’re a first class idiot.

William Miller, Sheffield

Has anybody had that phone call yet asking if they have been hurt looting a shop and could be entitled to £3,000?

Name and address supplied

i HOPE the riots make the Government think twice about cuts to the police. Fewer officers will mean even more disorder. We need more police to protect.

Jayne Grayson