Where there’s a Will...

Loving: The Duchess of Cambridge is hugged by her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, in Canada
Loving: The Duchess of Cambridge is hugged by her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, in Canada
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EVERY day the papers are filled with photos of their smiling faces.

They’re young, they’re rich, they have perfect hair and they’re sickeningly loved up.

So are we sick to the back teeth of them?

No! We simply cannot get enough of Will and Kate!

On April 29 this year, we strung bunting, we baked red, white and blue cupcakes and tuned in to watch Kate Middleton become Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. (Try saying that after a glass of chardonnay!)

It was a glorious day for England and for us all. It was the day that the ‘frosty stiff-upper-lip-edness’ image of the Royal family finally began to thaw.

There was a new Royal couple in town! And a love affair with a nation was born.

After the disaster of the Charles and Diana marriage 30 years before, we all breathed a sigh of relief to watch it being done right and felt safe in the knowledge that this time, it would last.

After all, the relationship between the pair is plainly grounded in love first and duty second. The pretty commoner girl who fell in love with the dashing prince - it’s the modern day fairytale!

Whose heart didn’t melt a little when Prince William told his blushing bride she looked beautiful as they met at the altar of Westminster Abbey? Or the next morning as they left for their honeymoon hand-in-hand with beaming smiles on their faces?

And this week William left the world in no doubt as to exactly how far we’ve come when he wrapped his arm around his young wife and - in front of the press - embraced her lovingly after beating her in a boat race on their Royal tour of Canada.

It’s official, The Royals are people too! And they’re not averse to the odd Public Display of Affection. Yay!

Fifty years ago such a PDA from a Royal would have been unheard of, but then the loved-up newlyweds have been singlehandedly redefining what it means to be Royal ever since they married.

They’re making the famous family relevant for a whole new generation and, for the first time in a long time, it’s becoming ‘cool’ to love the monarchy. Liz, Phil and Charlie certainly have a lot to thank them for.

Plus they’ve repaired a lot of the damage that others have done to the Royal image over the years – others who shall remain nameless... OK, yes, Fergie we’re talking about you.

I have to admit the fairytale of it does appeal to some girly part of me and I’ve been shamelessly poring over the photos of the Royal tour that have been filling the papers all week. It’s so refreshing, after years of stiff poses and restrained smiles, to see the future King and Queen of England belly-laughing at one another’s jokes and looking at each other with such obvious love and affection.

And it’s not just me. Even the most cynical of us seems to have a good word to say about the pair - we can’t help it! We love that their nicknames for each other are Big Willie and Babykins and we love that Princess Catherine insists on staying true to her Katie from the Block roots by donning high street labels to parties at Buckingham Palace.

So can our love for them last as long as their love for each other?

Sure we’re in the honeymoon period with them right now, but any hint of potential embarrassment could pull at the thread of the carefully woven fabric. They’d do well to bear that in mind and avoid the scandal of mistresses, TV tell-alls and public toe-sucking incidents. If they can do that, it might just be plain sailing ahead.

Finally, a couple at the helm of the Royal family that we can all relate to. We love them because they’re just like us! Only with perfect hair, gorgeous teeth and way more money...

Wills and Kate 4eva, IDST.

Long may they reign!