Where’s baby Jesus?

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MY daughter Emma was admiring her Christmas decorations when she noticed baby Jesus was missing from the nativity scene on the windowsill.

Mary, Joseph, wise men, shepherds, animals all present and correct...but where was baby Jesus?

Finn, aged seven, came over to her, hands on hips and said: “Don’t you know the story mummy? He isn’t born yet! I’ve put him back in the box ’til Cristmas Day.”

Jeremy Biggin, Sheffield

Joe Public pays more

the treasury is to increase air tax, saying that airlines have to play their part in restoring public finances. Load of bull. It’s just so the Government can collect more money and Joe Public pays more. Who are they trying to kid?

Name and address supplied

Credit for great show

what a show the children of Rivelin School put on (Dec 8). It was superb.

The costumes were put together by the staff and no child forgot their words. Credit is due to the teachers and children for their hard work. Congratulations.

Mrs J Gregory, Treswell Cres, S6

Let’s talk turkey

having watched a recent tv programme about British food, I realise we should eat more of it and help local producers.

I invested £3.38 on a turkey leg and thigh. I roasted it for 70 minutes and ate it with couscous and some lightly boiled veg. It was very tasty and succulent.

After all they are ugly blighters, so eat more turkey all year round. Anyone who likes a bit of thigh will be in (nudge, nudge, lads).

Eric, Derbyshire