Where is the common sense?

Pot holesPot holes
Pot holes
The state of Elm Lane from Cliffe House Road to Crowder Road is an absolute disgrace.

We where told in January 2015 that the section would be resurfaced in 2015.

Now we are told it will be 2017 before resurfacing, if it lasts that long.

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I think the motorists and public services were told this with no intention of doing so, the highways policy is to repair deep holes within 24 hour and not so deep ones within 31 days.

So they come along repair a deep hole and leave a not so deep one no more than a foot away from the one repaired, and mark it to return to repair it later.

Where is the common sense in that? The roads in the Sheffield 5 area have got to be among the worst in South Yorkshire.

Mr W Johnson

by email