Where has kiosk gone?

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I wonder who it was who came up with the brilliant idea which I heard of today, to remove the small kiosk from Fargate at the end of Chapel Walk?

It is so handy to get a Star or a Sheffield Telegraph when passing and you couldn’t get more lovely, friendly people to serve you.

I would like to know the reason for this decision, considering we ofte have huge roundabouts and markets stretching from the Town Hall to the High Street.

The kiosk has been there for ages and a better one put there recently.

Let us have an explanation, or reverse your decision and leave it where it is!

If it was good enough for the Queen when she was driven down Fargate on Maundy Thursday it is good enough for us.

Dorothy Canning

Graham Road, Sheffield, S10

n Footnote: Planning issues meant that it has had to be withdrawn from Fargate.

Extra sellers are available on The Moor.