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my end of year rant, but where do we start?

Sheffield railway station? What is the problem allowing people to walk through the station linking the Supertram, rail and city walk way links?

My understanding is that railway companies fear fare dodgers. I have travelled on many trains lately and staff are present to inspect tickets when people are on the trains, so keep the walkway open.

Leeds are building a new link from the canal entrance to the station and don’t envisage problems

Sheffield markets?

The new market should be kept around the current location; it’s near the interchange and many buses stop in the area.

Who will walk or catch an extra bus to go down the Moor? And what is the future of the covered stall areas down the Moor?

Could the council run a monthly antique fair from these stalls on a Sunday?

This will attract people into the city, as has been shown at the recent Victoria market at Kelham Island and will complement the shops down the moor

As long as the council keep the stall charges down and don’t run on the same weekends when such as Elsecar run theirs, I think it will draw more people into the city.

Our roads?

I witnessed some pothole repairs where the workmen turned up and put the materials into a hole filled with rainwater and just made good. Why didn’t they get the water out first and cut the hole face back at an angle to keep the materials in? Guess what. The repairs need doing again.

My final point is about how Sheffield City Council can save money.

My understanding is that the council gives a vast amount of money to SYPTE who distribute to give cheap or free fares for senior citizens extra.

If rail companies, such as Northern Rail, are looking into cutting the distance they will allow people to travel on the current terms, for example Leeds at the moment and might cut back to go as far as Darton, then if we are not going to get the full distance for our money paid to them then I suggest we give them less in proportion to the distance we can travel.

Merry Christmas.

J Simonds