Where and when can you see the solar eclipse this week

Are you looking forward to the solar eclipse passing over Notts on Friday?

Monday, 16th March 2015, 1:45 pm
Solar Eclipse

The Met Office has released information about how much of the sun’s light will be shut out and when it will occur in different parts of the country.

Notts is expected to have 90 per cent of its light blocked out, and the skies will be cast into temporary darkness at 9.32am.

Elsewhere in the UK, London will be darkest at 9.30am and Edinburgh five minutes later.

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Another solar eclipse will not occur in Europe until 2026.

The partial solar eclipse will been seen across Northern Africa, Europe and Northern Asia as the moon’s orbit travels in front of the sun, casting a shadow over the Earth.

Europe will see between 30 to 98 per cent coverage depending on location, with a higher percentage of the sun obscured as you move further north.

There will also be a Supermoon the evening before the eclipse, meaning the Earth and Moon are as close together as they can be. This makes this 2015 Spring Equinox eclipse a supermoon eclipse, meaning a supermoon, equinox and eclipse will all fall on the same day.