“When will the first accidents happen?”

Man of Steel
Man of Steel
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Advertising is not allowed beside a motorway, it will distract the drivers.

Outokumpu had a stainless steel bull at the side of the M1 and they had to remove it.

This 100ft high statue made of stainless steel will reflect the sun.

When will the first accidents happen?

I hope I am wrong.

Ralph Johnson

Sheffield, S9

ID needed to see dentist

I would just like to make a few comments on your article in The Star about dental problems.

My son had a dental problem and he was so fed up of having to trail to Charles Clifford, he decided to go to a private dentist. He asked if they were taking people on the NHS, yes, but you have to have ID, a passport or birth certificate. Luckily, he has a passport so they saw to him.

I was going to try but he said you are wasting your time because you have no ID.

I live on the other side of the city and I am 77 years old and I will have to travel all that way on a bus or tram to Charles Clifford and make an appointment and you are not seen on the same day, maybe two or three days later.

We have three private dentists, all near each other, yet they won’t see to you without ID, which is disgusting in this day and age.

Maybe you should let others know what people like me have to go through. I have never had a passport and my birth certificate was lost many years ago.

M Cruise

Manor Estate, S2

Let ’em go hungry!

I am currently waiting for my wife in the Royal Hallamshire, having travelled from Sleaford, Lincs starting out at 6.30 this morning.

Acuppa and something to eat would be very welcome I thought when I arrived.

Imagine my disgust that the only refreshments available were cakes, doughnuts, chocolate croissants.

Even the bacon butties were laden with a hidden thick sugary brown sauce!

Diabetics? Let ’em go hungry!

Non-sugar options should be available, don’t you think? Especially in a hospital! Not only for visitor/patients but, judging by the size and shape, also for some of the staff.

Perhaps by publishing this you may push through a much-needed change.

Gerry Newby

Orchard Close, Helpringham, Lincs

It’s like a race track

Regarding the letter in The Star, August 27, asking how can people live on Norton Avenue.

We have lived on Norton Avenue for 52 years.

The change is unbelievable with speeding cars, lorries and especially motor bikes.

People have been killed and I dare say there will be more. It’s like living on a race track.

Mr and Mrs Kelly

Norton Avenue

n I wholly agree with Mr and Mrs Kelly. I’m a neighbour.

Mrs F Howe

Norton Avenue

Action is needed

These stabbings and shootings are getting all too frequent. I don’t know how the police can keep on saying Sheffield is one of the safest cities when it clearly is not.

It’s practically every day in The Star where someone has either been shot at or stabbed.

Well I’m sorry that unless the authorities make sure the punishment actually fits the crime, these things are going to just carry on.

Last week’s court report about when two men tried to rob a convenience store at Sheffield Lane Top armed with machetes, described brilliant work by two PCs, who disarmed them, but that could have turned out horrifically for them, had it gone wrong.

What did they get? Was it four or was it eight years between them?

Whatever it was, do you think that will deter them? I think not. With time off for good behaviour and whatever, they will think it was worth the risk.

How about 20 years each for that crime? And the same for carrying a lethal weapon? Now that would make them think twice. The powers that be need to act now or it will never stop.

Ted Fowler

Sheffield, S5

A winner in my eyes

Model Rachael Kin, 28, is hoping to become the first beauty pageant winner with a colostomy bag.

Also a mother to nine-year-old Maja, Rachael lost part of her intestines after getting ulcerative colitis, and spent six weeks in hospital.

As someone who went through a similar ordeal, I know what Rachael went through and how it affects your confidence and health.

She says she has faced discrimination due to her appearance, and suffered from isolation.

We will have this to deal with for the rest of our lives.

It will draw us closer to God, but it entails significant suffering at times.

Regardless of how Rachael does in her beauty pageant, she is already a winner in my eyes.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

I’d be TV gold on a stick

Strictly Come Dancing’ judge Shirley Ballas says the new line-up is diverse.

Maybe so, but most of them have one thing in common – they’re unrecognisable. I mean, Joe Suggs? Vick Hope? Charles Venn? They’re new ones on me.

Sure, there are some of them I have heard of, e.g. Kate Silverton who reads the news, Dr Ranj from This Morning, one half of the Trinny and Susannah package and the heroine that is Katie Piper. The Paralympian Lauren Steadman is to be commended too.

However, with all due respect to the above, I can’t predict any of the TV gold moments that we had with Ann Widdecombe, Ed Balls and Russell Grant. Still, to quote Shirley Ballas, again, I’ll give them a chance.

As for next year’s line up, I reckon Magid Magid would absolutely smash it! He’d be very nimble on his feet and terrific entertainment.

One snag, though, he’ll be deemed as too well known by their powers that be.

Also, I’m not sure that he’d want to take his baseball cap off for the American Smooth.

I have another suggestion to make.

How about slipping me in as one of their 2019 offerings?

I’d blend in nicely amongst all those (I don’t doubt) unknowns. Also, and trust me on this one, I’d be so terrible that I’d be TV gold on a stick.

Any offers?

CM Langan