When will new monthly recycling collections begin in Sheffield?

An announcement is expected soon about when recycling services in Sheffield will switch from a fortnightly to monthly rotation.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27 February, 2018, 16:55
Some bins could be emptied on Saturdays once the changes are introduced

Sheffield Council agreed the change in December as part of a new deal with waste contractor Veolia, which it said would save taxpayers nearly £3.6 million a year, possibly rising by a further £1m.

New larger bins for recyclables are due to be delivered to homes across Sheffield

Under the agreement, there will still be doorstep recycling collections every fortnight, but these will alternate between paper/card and other assorted recyclables, unlike at present where all recyclables are collected on the same day.

To ensure households have extra space to store recyclables, the existing blue bins will in future be used for paper and cardboard and new larger bins will be delivered to hold other recyclable items.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Sheffield Council's cabinet member for environment and street scene, said: "We will be announcing, in the next few months, the date we will be introducing the larger recycling bin.

New larger bins for recyclables are due to be delivered to homes across Sheffield

"This new bin is being introduced as it's more convenient and easier to use. I hope it will encourage everyone to use it more. More recycling means a greener Sheffield.

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"Residents will be told in advance how these news bins will be delivered to them and when. We will be using social media, local media and delivering leaflets to people’s homes to ensure that anyone who lives in Sheffield is informed of these changes."

The council says some of the modifications agreed under the new deal have already been implemented, including those affecting residents requiring assistance with their collections.

But others, including possible changes to the days and times when bins are emptied, are yet to be brought in.

The council had threatened to end its £1.5bn waste contract early but chose to stick with Veolia at the end of last year after thrashing out a new deal.

Waste bins will continue to emptied each fortnight under the re-negotiated terms of the 35-year contract, which began in 2001.

But Veolia will be able to empty them at any time from 6am to 9pm on weekdays and could carry out collections at weekends.