When plastic egg and milk cartons aren’t plastic at all

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We have just returned home, to find our blue bin has not been emptied.

My parents are elderly and are among the few that before putting anything into recycling will wash out tins cans, glass jars etc.

They ensure everything they put in is plastic - plastic milk cartons, clear plastic egg cartons, aluminium tins, and glass jars.

These are the same things put in every week and emptied since the blue bins began.

So after phoning Veolia today to find out why their bin had not been emptied, the person on the other end of the phone, who did not seem interested and sounded bored when I spoke asked what was in the blue bin. I replied with plastic milk bottle, plastic egg cartons at which point she interrupted to say ‘that’s why, we don’t accept them, only plastic bottles’

To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement. When I said that this is what was always put in our bin and emptied previously and that the blue bin was for PLASTICS, her tone was very patronising in responding ‘we have never accepted those items’.

When I said that from now on we will just put everything in the black bin - this would be a great deal easier for my parents - her response was a very sarcastic ‘ok then’.

I am at a loss to understand why these items are suddenly not regarded as recyclable.Family and friends recycle the same everyday goods.

Surely plastic is plastic. We are not bin men or in the recycle trade so if they say we should recycle plastics tins and glass, then it should be all or nothing.

To say they have never recycled milk bottles and plastic egg cartons is ridiculous.

A very angry and confused daughter on behalf of very angry pensioner father

City Road, Sheffield