When nothing is better...

A hopeful Christmas stocking
A hopeful Christmas stocking
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If the recent clutch of Christmas surveys are right, women are doomed to have a miserable Christmas day.

Some 15 per cent of local men don’t spend anything on their partner - and 70 per cent wouldn’t if they could get away with it. A third that do buy gifts admit to putting in no effort at all, says High and Mighty. Small wonder another survey found nearly half of UK women are disappointed on December 25.

AskHerFriends.com (set up by a chap who once bought a girlfriend a worm farm) found the worst gifts women have received included a cabbage, a beard trimmer, a cement mixer and a set of windscreen wipers. One poor lass got a pair of rubber gloves.

No doubt, the prats who gave such crud thought it a hilarious jape to see the wife crestfallen. Having nothing in your stocking- no boorish bloke especially - sounds a whole lot better.