When are the Eskimos coming?

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Sheffied city council are once again trying to brainwash the Sheffield public into believing we welcome thousands of migrants from Africa with open arms. They are letting in Somalis. Sheffield already has 5000 people from the Sudan, Congo, Lberia, Ethiopia and many others.

Has Africa now sudenly joined the EU? They call them refugees but why would they pass through so many countries to get here? The rest of the world won’t take these migrants and we all know the reasons why.

Sheffield council has suddenly found housing and amenities after our own people have been on housing lists for many years. It’s a disgrace, we don’t even want the EU migrants, Sheffield is over run.

What kind of work can these people do? It’s called benefits for life and in the long run will cost billions.

Just look at what Sheffield has taken in already. Do we think that the Romas will integrate? No way. Over 90% of migrants are Muslim, we do things their way or no way.

Please try a survey Sheffield City Council. You would be surprised what people think about your open arms policy, Sheffielders are not that easily hoodwinked. Charity always begins at home.

PS when are the Eskimos coming? This type of thing drives us all crazy.