Wheels are falling off

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David Roberts is absolutely spot on (The Star, April 7)about the state of the roads in the Crookes/Walkley area of the city.

I drive through Crookes pretty much every day on my way to and from work. What I have noticed is that I have found myself weaving around potholes and dodging the bad road surfaces (and there are a lot of them).

I’m wondering when a serious accident will occur because of me and other motorists carrying out these necessary, dangerous manoeuvres to avoid the potholes and it then results in a head-on collision.

Maybe it will take an event such of this to get the resurfacing sorted?

Drive over to Bradfield on roads that are used less frequently (apart from the Tour de France) and in the main are used by heavy farm traffic and you will find gloriously smooth road surfaces… it doesn’t make sense.

Wake up Sheffield Council/Amey and get your priorities right – my wheels are starting to fall off.

John Leigh

Potter Hill Lane, Sheffield