What we fought against

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In 1939 we declared war on Germany because the Fuhrer of the Third Reich decided he wanted to create a super state, annexing all before him in hoping to achieve that.

Only two European countries were left that stopped him – Great Britain and Russia.

With help from the USA the Third Reich and Fuhrer Hitler were defeated with millions of lives lost in the process.

We now find ourselves being asked to do exactly what our fathers and forefathers fought against, which is now to create a super state of Europe and to cede all our sovereignty, laws and Parliament to non-elected bureaucrats based in either Brussels or Strasbourg.

Are we now saying Dunkirk, Monte Casino, El-Alamein, the Burma railway were just a waste of time?

Whatever anyone says the fact remains the powers-that-be now believe in a European super state whereby all members give up their sovereignty to be ruled by whom?

What real difference is there between Germany’s ‘wanabe’ super state of 1939 and a European super state of 2016?

The answer of course is that 28 countries now agree to cede all their sovereignty without even firing a shot.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74