What took Labour MPs so long?

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How commendable that all three of our (Labour) Doncaster MPs have banded together in a vain attempt to save Hatfield pit, and it’s unworkable carbon capture proposals.

Protocol prevents one MP encroaching on another MP’s territory, so am I being cynical in asking why they have got theirs heads together on this one?

Could it be that Doncaster has its mayoral elections just around the corner and they are trying to put on a show solidarity for the voters of Doncaster, for what is a very divided Doncaster Labour Council?

Nobody would like to see jobs in the Hatfield area more than myself, but you have to be realistic when it comes to carbon capture.

Unfortunately, the technology is just not available at this point in time.

If our three MPs had looked at this project without their rose-tinted glasses on, they would have seen that the logistics of putting a pipeline from Doncaster across the country to the east coast would have been horrendous and expensive.

Would it not have been much easier to have constructed the carbon capture power station on the east coast and transported the coal from Hatfield and other pits by rail?

We have to ask our MPs if Hatfield or any other pit is to exist where is the market for its coal?

Only this week we have learned that Drax, the biggest coal-burning power station is switching to biomass, so there will be even less demand for coal.

My father worked down Hatfield pit for 47 years and I have seen the destruction to my community caused by the closure of the pit before it reopened, but we have to ask why has it taken our three Labour MPs this long to come to our rescue?

The last Labour government was in power for 13 years. Why didn’t our MPs secure our area’s future when they had chance to?

I think we should be looking for jobs for Doncaster that can work now and not trying to get funding for technology that does not exist.

If ever our country is to return to anywhere near full employment, then I believe we need some forward- thinking MPs, of all parties working on our behalf.

Hatfield Town Coun Mick Glynn