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Check out our TV editor Stuart Chandler's picks for the coming week.
Raw Recruits: SquaddiesRaw Recruits: Squaddies
Raw Recruits: Squaddies

Raw Recruits: Squaddies at 16, Channel 5, Monday, 9pm

In North Yorkshire, 45 teenagers from across the country embark on an intensive military training course - the only one of its kind in Europe. Over the next 23 weeks some of them will be transformed from civilians to Britain’s youngest squaddies.

Anthony Hopkins as Dr Robert FordAnthony Hopkins as Dr Robert Ford
Anthony Hopkins as Dr Robert Ford

Cut off from family and friends, the recruits tackle 5:30am starts and gruelling 16-hour days, with lessons in weapon-handling and marching, as well as field exercises. Not all will make it through, but for some this is the first step to a career with the British Army.

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It is day one of basic training in Harrogate for this group of 16 and 17-year-olds, who have left their civilian lives behind to become part of 19 Platoon of Burma Company. No other European country trains their soldiers quite this young. The physical demands are high—the raw recruits are pushed to their limits with fitness assessments all-round. Junior soldier Laura experiences a crisis of confidence on a 1.5- mile run, then her fear of heights means that trusting her teammates on a 40ft-high rope course is a leap too far.

The teens are taught weapon-handling, how to strip down a rifle correctly, and target indication, as well as learning to use their gas masks.

The platoon then heads out for its first exercise which, for some, will be their first experience of sleeping rough.

Anthony Hopkins as Dr Robert FordAnthony Hopkins as Dr Robert Ford
Anthony Hopkins as Dr Robert Ford

The Forgotten Children, ITV, Tuesday, 9pm

This new documentary for ITV follows the heart-breaking stories of refugee orphans stranded across Europe.88,000 refugee children are now stuck in Europe without their parents. They thought they would be safe here but The Forgotten Children reveals many have faced violence, police brutality and hundreds have been imprisoned in detention centres and police cells. Alone and afraid, many are also vulnerable to trafficking gangs and sexual exploitation.

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Governments have moved many of the children into state run camps and closed the doors to journalists. This programme hears their disturbing stories of suffering and survival. In

Greece thousands of children are living in camps and sleeping rough.

More than 3,000 are without their parents. Nagham, 12, and her 13-year-old brother Mohamed are orphans from the Syrian city of Aleppo. Their home is now a derelict petrol station in

Northern Greece. There are no showers or toilets and they sleep in a tent. Nagham and Mohamed’s mother was killed in an airstrike. Their family home was destroyed. Their father was kidnapped at gunpoint by a faction fighting in the country’s civil war five years ago.

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Mohammed says: “We think about whether they killed him or whether the regime took him or whether he’s still alive.”

The Forgotten Children follows Nagham and Mohamed as they struggle to survive in Greece.

The Forgotten Children also goes undercover in a Greek detention centre to film with a Syrian child called Firas.

Though just 15, Firas is imprisoned with adults.

BBC iPlayer:

Conviction: Murder at the Station

Documentary following a team of experts as they investigate whether evidence exists that could challenge the conviction of a man in prison for a murder he denies.

BBC Three:


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It’s the proudest day for Josh’s football team, Plymouth Argyle: they have reached the Football League Trophy Area Final Southern Section.

Unfortunately, Owen’s cousin is hogging the TV with his N64. Meanwhile, Kate helps her mum dump her new boyfriend. Expect a glossary of nostalgic 90s references and a host of brilliant guest-star cameos.

Sky Box Sets:

Grey’s Anatomy: Seasons 1-12

Viewers can see every episode of one of the most popular dramas of all time, as all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy arrive on Sky Box Sets this month. Set in a fictional Seattle hospital, the highly skilled medical team, including Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) attempt to balance their complicated personal lives with their high-flying careers.

Parks and recreation

Amy Poehler stars as Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana as we follow herattempts to beautify her town.