What’s your favourite chippy National Chip Week

Hick St Fish & CHIPS
Hick St Fish & CHIPS
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IT’S been a family favourite and staple of the British diet for well over 100 years.

And, to celebrate National Chip Week, The Star has launched the search for the best fish and chip shop in Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley.

We want you to tell us which is your favourite chippy - and why.

Then we’ll compile a shortlist of the most popular before our panel of judges carries out a taste test - it’s a tough job - to find the king of the chippies.

An early contender is Hicks Street Chippy, a treasure of a takeaway tucked away among the factories and industrial units in Neepsend.

You can tell by the number of white vans parked outside that this serves up top notch nosh.

Drivers tuck into white flaky fish in crispy batter and perfectly cooked chips - golden and crispy on the outside, and fluffy white on the inside.

There’s no wonder so many blue collar workers make the place their lunch break destination.

Just a short walk from the riverside HQ of the United Kingdom Border Agency, it’s popular with office staff too.

Proprietor Sean Needham says there’s no secret to his shop’s success.

“It’s simple,” he says. “Keep your quality high and your prices low.”

And the length of the queue shows he must be getting it right.

“My staff will soon have you on your way,” Sean promises. “Michelle, Karen and Sarah are what the customers come for. Well, them and the fish and chips of course!”

Mechanic Matthew Bell, aged 44, is a regular.

“I come down most days,” he confesses. “The service is brilliant, and the chips are the best in Sheffield.”

His sentiment is shared by Emily Williams, 20, and Nikki Parkinson 25.

Nikki said once a week all the girls from their office like to give themselves a treat.

“We call it fish and chip Friday,” she said. “It’s the best day of the week.”

Emily added: “I’m having chips today. Just a small portion mind, and no fish.”

It was the first time for Joanne Heald – but she’ll be back.

“I’m on a training course up the road and I could smell the fish and chips from there,” she said.

“And when that happens I just have to have them!”

Adam Argyle, who accompanied Joanne, had his chips open not wrapped.

“They’re absolutely beautiful,” he said. “I’d recommend Hicks Street to everyone.”

* Hicks Street Chippy is open Monday to Friday from 11.15am to 1.45pm.

* Chips arrived in Britain from France in the 18th century

* The first chippy in the north is said to have been in Lancashire

* There were 35,000 fish and chip shops in the 1930s

* There are around 11,000 fish and chip shops now

* Fish and chips were one of only a few foods not rationed in WW2

* The UK’s favourite fish is still cod. Haddock is second

* A floury potato is best for chips

* One out of every four British potatoes becomes chips

To nominate your favourite chippy, fill in the form in today’s Star or email news@the star.co.uk and put BEST CHIPPY in the description field.