What’s in that coffee cup? you’ve bean had - 730 calories

How many calories in that cup?.
How many calories in that cup?.
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No wonder we’re fat.

Extra calories are being surreptitiously stuffed into our unwitting mouths by our feeders - the food industry. Or should that be syruptitiously?

We’ve wised up to the curse of the ready meal. We smugly scorn flabby fast-food. But the latte-est non-skinny scoundrel is takeaway coffee, a report reveals this week.

That cappu-macchi-frappe-frothed-up thing you slurp on the way to work or as an afternoon pick-me-up? Never mind the caffeine hit. It could be adding a whopping 730 calories to your day. If you’re on the 5-2 diet, that’s more than a fasting day’s intake in one cardboard cup.

It’s not the coffee itself that is the problem. There’s not much a few tiddly little beans can do to you. Apart from increase your heart rate, give you palpitations, cause insomnia and... OK, let’s stop there. The fattening factor is all the delicious additives.

A Starbucks large peppermint mocha with whipped cream might make your day go with a zing, but it contains 730 calories, the equivalent to three large slices of a Dominos “Mighty Meaty” pizza - or a Big Mac and medium fries. Bet that’s got your pulse racing.

Worried your bloke’s developing a beer belly? More likely, it’s a Starbucks stomach. One of their whole milk caramel macchiatos is the calorific equivalent of a pint of beer and a bag of crisps.

Even a standard latte will do your waistline no favours – it’s 380 calories, the equivalent to two greasy sausage rolls.

Don’t be fooled by the words semi and skimmed, either.

A Costa Coffee semi skimmed hazelnut latte? Same as six Chicken McNuggets and a full-fat coke.

Savvy sippers are now taking a leaf out of grandma’s book and heading back to tea.

Makes sense. You know where you are with a tea-bag.