What price put on human life?

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THE proposed cutbacks to the emergency services, such as police, fire brigade and ambulance service, are utterly deplorable.

To railroad in a policy like this is without doubt putting at risk the safety of the public.

For a start, every year more and more vehicles of every type are coming on to our roads and as a result we see an ever-increasing number of accidents.

There never seems to be a decrease at all. If politicians, including councillors, or anyone else for that matter, were to be trapped in their blazing cars they would want the response time to be immediate.

But with such savage cutbacks this would not happen.

What price do the powers-that-be put on human lives?

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Lib Dems decline budget talks

this year the council will conduct a meaningful consultation with residents on the difficult budget choices forced on us by the cuts. We will shortly write to every resident to explain the position; we are seeking your views on its implementation.

However, let’s not forget that last year, when the Lib Dems controlled the council, there was no consultation with the public about the cuts that were made. It is beyond hypocritical for them to criticise a lack of consultation when their budget proposals were revealed a matter of weeks before being approved.

The Chief Executive has offered budget briefings to Lib Dems, but so far they have declined. This reveals that they have no interest in working constructively to deal with the consequences of the cuts.

Coun Bryan Lodge, Deputy Council Leader