What is the point of 20mph zones if they aren’t enforced?

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A few years ago, when it was announced that Shiregreen was to become a 20 mph zone with road narrowing and speed humps, I wrote to The Star and said that unless someone was enforcing the speed limit no one would adhere to it.

A few months later, I wrote to say that this was exactly what was happening.

Years later I can honestly say that the average speed on Hartley Brook Road, near the local school, is closer to 30 than 20, and many vehicles are well in excess of 30.

There have been several other people recently, from various areas of the city which have 20 mph limits, who have written to The Star to say the same thing is happening in their areas.

If this is the case, what is the point of them, and the mountain of money that is being spent on them?

Also, a few years ago The Star ran a campaign about responsible parking near schools, and if I remember correctly both your reporters and the police were told by parkers that they were not prepared to park legally if it meant walking a few more yards to pick up their kids. We have an on going problem with parking around our local school, and with a total lack of enforcement it goes on daily.

We have just been informed by the council that parking restrictions, including yellow lines, are to be put in place around the school. If you can’t get people to drive responsibility within the legal limit, how on earth does the council expect to get people to voluntarily park responsibly?

If people ignore these speed limits and parking restrictions, then surely the money could be better spent elsewhere? It seems that no matter how many people write to The Star, stating that these limits are being ignored, our council don’t listen. I do wonder how many more pointless ideas they will come up with to spend our money on if they get financial devolution?