What is benefit of city centre events?

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I WONDERED how many other Sheffield residents had a frustrating day on Sunday.

We followed the diversions set up around the Great Yorkshire Run only to find that at the end of Mowbray Street, everyone had to turn around because the road was closed: not great traffic management.

On our return journey from our morning out, we hit the gridlock that was Hillsborough.

A journey that should have taken 35 minutes took well over an hour and involved a lot of detours and a shopping trip planned to Morrison’s had to be abandoned.

My question is, as we live only 10 minutes from the Peak District National Park and beautiful countryside, why do these runs have to take place in the city centre which results in the disruption to many local residents’ weekends?

Like many others, I have only one day off per week in which to carry out all my chores and take some leisure time. I therefore need to get all my tasks completed in the most efficient way possible – hour-long traffic jams are both frustrating and disruptive to my busy schedule.

I understand that the Great Yorkshire Run brings in charity contributions and I’m not suggesting that it should not take place, but the disruption to the city during these ever-increasing events must be causing lost revenue to some local businesses.

As a city centre resident, I have no way of avoiding the disruption caused by the events and I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those living on Penistone Road.

I would like to know what the benefit is of having such events in the city centre.

Does the council generate revenue from the events, do some local businesses see an upturn in trade from spectators?

Joyce Neil, Flat 3, The Warehouse, Sheffield Quays