What is beneath market?

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I MUST apologise to Paul Kenny if something in my letter led him to believe I was trying to embroil Mary Stuart in the Civil War.

I agree there is no connection and defer to his correct dates.

I was pointing out that Sheffield Castle’s place in history was not just the imprisonment of Mary there, but that the taking and retaking off this strategic stronghold led to its eradication by Parliament leaving us to wonder how much remains under the market. I do not advocate the market being removed just to check this out. If the market is demolished, any new building might be designed to incorporate what is found on public view.

I’m not sure about a Castle Park idea, though an open space by the river may have potential and wait to see what the planners have in mind.

John Brown, Cliffe Field Rd S8

Roll on next year’s musical

M TONKS (Dec 31) should wake up and smell the greasepaint! Sondheim’s musical Company was fabulous, I saw it three times!

Consider other musicals, Sweet Charity (prostitution), Cabaret (Nazi violence), Oliver (child labour), King and I (slavery) and Sweeney Todd (multiple murders): The Crucible is a haven for the telling of fables, it’s not real life!

The theatre is not an opium den of vice and debauchery though art does reflect life, ugly or not!

We don’t expect Victorian values in theatre, just the plain truth. Artistic director Daniel Evans blesses the Crucible with genius and doubtless will do so for many seasons to come.

Roll on next year’s musical, hopefully Sondheim’s Night Music, about extra-marital affairs and sexual fraternisations. M Tonks, don’t go!

BD Hillerby, Eldon Ct, S1