What if it was your child?

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THE behaviour of some parents and motorists generally around schools, putting the lives of our youngest people at risk, leaves us amazed sometimes.

It seems that once people get to the environs of the school gates, they think it is fair game to ignore parking rules that anywhere else they would obey.

So twice a day, every day, during the hours of the school run you will see cars parked on double yellows, zig zags, or obstructing school gates and motorists ignoring 20mph speed zones.

And for no other good reason than laziness or poor time-keeping.

These motorists are the minority - but they are a significant minority. So much so that schools say they are inundated by parents complaining that this “irresponsible” behaviour is putting the lives of their children at risk.

But it is not only irresponsible, it is downright illegal .

The decision by the police to team up with schools to get tough with these law-breakers is welcome.

The “It’s Your Child” campaign should do just what it says on the tin - ram home the message that parents parking illegally are putting the lives of their own children at risk.

The excuses we have heard from parents for ignoring the law are laughable, ranging from those who say they couldn’t get up in time to people who say it is too far to walk if they have to park around the corner.

They would soon change their tune if it was their child who was hit by a car because of bad parking.

This newspaper is backing the campaign and will be visiting hotspot schools to name and shame those parents who continue to break the law. We hope we can do our bit to make going home time at school a lot safer.

Quick learners at the city Academy

CREDIT to Parkwood Academy which has made great strides since it opened three years ago.

Ofsted inspectors say it is establishing a secure trend of improvement, which is the kind of trend any Academy would want.

Inspectors also praise its highly effective leadership and management, saying Parkwood is well placed to improve further.

No wonder principal Mike Westerdale is delighted. Much hard work has clearly gone into getting Parkwood to this stage, gaining it the kind of report any student would want.

Better still, the principal is confident the Academy will improve at an increasing pace, making his hope of getting an outstanding rating seem possible.