What has he done?

I wholeheartedly agree with CM Langan that we shouldn't be greeting Donald Trump, the elected president of the United States, to this country. After all what has he done?

Friday, 18th May 2018, 6:46 am
Updated Friday, 18th May 2018, 6:51 am
President Trump

He’s brought both black and Hispanic unemployment rates to the lowest in US history.

Women’s unemployment is the lowest for 20 years.

Huge companies that had left for foreign shores are returning and many who were preparing to leave are now staying.

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He’s getting rid of the pharmaceutical lobby and the sharp practices that have kept over the counter drugs sky high and is making them affordable to everyone.

He’s trying to stop illegal immigration and return criminals back to their own countries.

The fool is even in danger of bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula after decades of failure from the establishment politicians.

Whether or not cancelling the nuclear agreement with Iran is good or bad remains to be seen but you have to laugh when the Iranians threaten to disclose which European negotiators took bribes if they don’t fight to keep the deal alive.

He’s even offered the UK a great deal on trade while his opponents would put us to the back of the queue. All this while he’s been under constant attack from the deep state and savagely demonised by the biased media, both in the US and over here.

The American people aren’t nearly as lucky as we are. Three cheers to a Lord Mayor who shows his appreciation of this country’s generosity by refusing to toast our Queen.

P Gray

Sheffield, S5

Who likes Trump?

President Trump is liked and disliked on both sides of the pond.

Has anyone criticised the leaders of North Korea, Russia, China or a few other leaders with dubious records?

If their people criticised their own leaders the result might be a firing squad with the complainant on the wrong side of the gun.

If Chinese soldiers marched down Downing Street and took over our government would we still criticise Trump? I think not.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60

Missed appointments

I’ve been reading about GP surgeries proposing to get rid of patients who continually miss appointments, (The Star, May 8), in the absence of any genuine excuses or admin/computer errors. Basically, they haven’t got the decency to pick up the phone and say those few words that make all the difference – “Sorry, I can’t make it.”

The ‘DNA man’ is a brilliant initiative which should be rolled out on a national level, with the appearance of a superhero or a Britain’s Got Talent novelty act, he can be seen as memorable and reliable. All power to the guy and all who invented him!

The selfish and irresponsible types who fail to turn up for appointments and don’t even bother to inform the surgery must be the types who, I suspect, are frequent offenders in other aspects of life too. It is in their DNA, no pun intended. They’re the types who never say please or thank you, always expect help but never offer any.

They’re also the types who’d let their dogs ‘pony and trap’ on the pavements, then march off without clearing it up. They’re also the types who’d take out Ofo bikes only to dump them in a canal or up a tree, (whether or not it has a yellow ribbon around it to match the bikes!). I heard someone refer to them as OMG bikes, (ie Oh My God’ to us over 50s), which would never have happened if it wasn’t for those who abuse them.

Anyway, I think the DNA man should be given a friend, the CEO man. No, that doesn’t stand for Chief Medical Officer, but ‘Chuck em out’! That’s fundamentally the only solution for habitual and remorseless ‘no show’ artistes, with no respect for other people or the NHS. It’d certainly leave the said establishment with a lot more money to spare for those who really deserve it.

Hopefully, it would also make these inconsiderate people think twice about reoffending with the next practice who, (if their track record has emerged at this stage), can steel themselves to take them on!

CM Langan

Sheffield, S8

Empty properties

Empty properties all over the city, not good news when people are desperate for homes. Maybe people don’t want to live in these homes in these areas.

It reminds me of the time I dealt with a young woman who was homeless, in bed and breakfast with three kids. She was offered accommodation but she gave 20 reasons as to why it wasn’t suitable. Wrong area, too far from the shops, not on a bus route, third bedroom was too small, it went on.

It shows even if people are homeless it might be wrong for many reasons, homeless people have choices too.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Sheffield is far nicer

Today’s Star front cover states “We don’t need to be like Leeds or Manchester.”

God forbid! I worked in Leeds for many years and visit Manchester on a regular basis, and I would not live in either for all the tea in China.

They are dreadfll places to be in, drive in and breathe in.

We are OK here in Sheffield, folks.

Please do not aspire to be like either of these dirty awful cities.

I can honestly say that for all its faults Sheffield is a far nicer place to live.

Gary Speck

Dobcroft Avenue, Millhouses

Skateboard Alley

Has Holly Street at the side of the City Hall in Sheffield been taken over by skateboarders?

One has to duck and dive, do a quick side step in order to get passed, maybe the council should rename it Skateboard Alley and close it off to pedestrians.

EB Warris