What do "weird" chalk messages found scribbled on walls in Doncaster town centre mean?

Do you know what this means?Do you know what this means?
Do you know what this means?
"Weird" messages scrawled on walls around Doncaster town centre have baffled one of our readers - and he's calling for help to solve the mystery.

The hand-written messages have been daubed in chalk in various locations across the town centre - but the seemingly random words have left people puzzled.

One of the messages, found scribbled on a wall between Priory Walk makes mention of US tennis champ Pete Sampras, former Masterchef host Loyd Grossman and the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey - although all the references have been spelled incorrectly.

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The message, written on the rear wall of The Gate House pub reads: "Pete Sampress, Loyd Grassman, 101 Space Odysey."

Another of the chalk messages.Another of the chalk messages.
Another of the chalk messages.

Another random jumble of words found opposite, on a wall behind the former Sugar Lounge bar makes reference to Shadows' guitar legend Hank Marvin.

Richard Peters, who spotted the chalk messages is hoping readers may be able to solve the mystery.

He said: "I was just cutting through the alleyway to Cleveland Street when I suddenly spotted all these strange words written on the wall.

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"They are quite eyecatching, but don't seem to make a lot of sense. They are very weird - are they some sort of code?"

"I stood there for a while looking at them but couldn't make head nor tail of them. They are very odd."

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