What do the next few years hold for the city centre?

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The snow may have been a contributory factor to fewer shoppers in the city centre but the city centre isn’t what it should be with quite a few empty shop units.

The Moor is still in the process of being developed, the so-called Sevenstone project never got off the ground and I don’t what is happening with that, if anything at all, and it makes one wonder what the next few years hold for shopping in Sheffield City Centre?

Bradford have managed to get their new indoor shopping well under way, Doncaster have a big indoor shopping centre, Leeds has several and Sheffield has the indoor market which isn’t all let and Orchard Square, which does add a touch of quality.

I am 44 years old and redevelopment has been taking place since my teens.

To be fair the Peace Gardens, the Winter Garden and Tudor Square are all excellent.

The offices that make up the Heart Of The City project look good and the theatres are superb and as Sheffielders we can be proud of these venues along with the wonderful City Hall. However, and I am not a great fan of shopping at all, I believe city centre shopping with quality shops and some indoor facilities is vital for any big city like Sheffield.

So what are the powers that be going to do about it?

I believe that the council has taken out a loan to ensure that some version of the Sevenstone shopping centre plan will take place.

Many compulsory purchase orders were put in place around there and so some effort to ensure that a shopping centre does get built and progress made on it this year would be something that I would welcome and it would mean that those compulsory purchase orders did not take place for nothing.

Ian Whitehead

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