What did Lib Dems do for us?

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Coun Colin Taylor (May 31) states that all the cuts in services are due to the state in which the last Labour Government left the country.

Yawn, yawn...

He is still living in the past. People are fed up of this never-ending, always-quoted comment .

The coalition is run by the Tories and they do what they always have done - look after the rich and sod the rest of us.

The Lib Dems are helping them achieve this at a cost to the rest of us.

What have the Lib Dems done for us locally?

Well they set a budget for only six months knowing they would have to implement some drastic cuts in the second six months of the year. And it was odds-on they would not be in charge because people could not believe what their leader said.

Also, when they were in charge of the city council, I did not hear may people say what a good job they had done with the roads, schools, parks, litter or congestion.

Coun Taylor also quotes Labour’s favoured areas. Well, what about theirs?

To name one, a crossing outside Ecclesfield School was rushed through for the election. What did the Lib Dems do for us in charge?

Mick Gethin, Chapeltown