What about the workers?

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When company bosses advise workers to vote to stay in the European Union, who’s interests do they serve?

While the UK economy has emerged from recession, its growth has been outpaced by the increase in population, no doubt fuelled by unprecedented levels of immigration.

The resulting downward pressure on wages might be good news for bosses, but what about the workers? Ed Balls was right to claim that economic recovery was not benefiting everyone, but didn’t immigration explode under his watch?

To the bosses in favour of the European Union I would ask the following, Who do you employ? How much do you pay them? How much money do you receive from the EU?

To the workers I would ask, how much money do you get from the EU?

I have sympathy for East European workers who wish to flee their low-wage, low- benefits, economies. Sensible numbers are welcome, but I would suggest we are seeing an over supply.

Free movement of people across borders is enshrined in the EU, we are unlikely to change this, and so the pressure will continue to increase for as long as we stay in the EU. Which way will you vote?

Graham Dalton

Dronfield Woodhouse, S18