What about Social Care?

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In this Election Campaign political parties have been raining down promises and commitments like confetti.

However, the main Parties have been reluctant to address what is one of the key issues which affects everybody. This is Social Care.

It is not just the elderly, sick and disabled who need social care but also their families. All we have heard are vague pronouncements that the NHS, and social care outside the NHS, should be integrated.

We need much more commitment in terms of the nuts and bolts of how this would work and importantly how it would be funded. Budgets for local councils have been slashed to the bone by the coalition Government with the inevitable consequence that social care provision has suffered badly. How can we expect improvements in social care provision when care facilities are so underfunded and those who staff them are so underpaid. This situation is not likely to improve unless politicians put the provision of social care much higher on their list of priorities with a firm commitment to increased funding.

David Cameron is only too ready to promise a legal commitment not to increase taxes, national insurance and VAT. Why can’t a similar commitment be made to fund and provide the social care which everybody needs?

Derek Hastings

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