What about shoe shopping?

Barefoot Bea Marshall
Barefoot Bea Marshall
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“Everywhere you go, you’re getting these intense sensations...”

Coming from a woman who hasn’t worn shoes for a year, that’s got to be the quote of the week.

Like extreme pain, perchance?

Perpetually barefoot Bea Marshall sounds bonkers to me.

She’s stepped on glass and in dog poo. Why risk injury or infection? And how dirty must her feet get? She must be forever washing them. Otherwise, every time she curls up on the sofa, or clambers into bed, she’s taking the debris, detrius, dust and God knows what off her city’s streets with her.

The Walkley (yes, really) web designer made the “lifestyle decision” after deciding her trainers were to blame for pains in her knees and hips.

You or I might have got physio. Or gel inserts.

In winter, her toes must be a mass of chilblains.

And never mind that, how can any woman live without shoes? How does she get by without shoe-shopping?