What a terrible shame

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What a terrible shame Pollards have been forced to close because of inept planning by the clowns in the Town hall.

Every Saturday my wife and myself went for our breakfast there.We did use their other shop on East Parade until that closed, then we relocated to Charles Street.

It was used by all sections of society as a meeting place to chat about today, yesterday and childhood. Just where these people will go I don’t know.

Its a pity they couldn’t have relocated to a more popular thoroughfare instead of putting the shutters up for good. Everything that provokes nostalgia in this city is pushed aside in the name of progress, well progress has come to a full stop but has destroyed somebody’s livelihood.

The Sevenstone project always seemed to be a non- starter from the beginning, it’s exactly the same with the relocation of the market. Nobody wants it to move but again the council pressed ahead demolishing well-used shops only for that to come to a standstill. The Market should stop where it is like its been for a thousand years.

Will be at a loose end next Saturday morning pondering just where to go for a breakfast. We’ll manage but it’s the majority of Pollards staff I feel sorry for losing their jobs, especially the Australian lady who was the friendliest of all the staff. All I can do is to wish you all the best of luck and hope that Pollards may start up again.

Vin Malone, S14

n It is sad to hear that Pollards is to close after many tears of trading in Sheffield.

It is also sad and regrettable that Castle Market is under threat of closure.

After years of struggling in a decrepit under-maintained building, and the surrounding area fast becoming a no-go zone for many, the traders are now to have their rent discount withdrawn.

The promise of a new market is becoming less likely by the day, as yet not one brick has been laid.

In the meantime people are trying to earn a living.

The council should hang their heads in shame and think about all the people they are about to put out of work.

Anne Whitaker

n Pollards special in Retro, in The Star on Saturday