What a headache!

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DOCTORS have revealed there are more than 200 types of recognised ‘headache.’

Imagine that. There are 200 different ways of categorising what is essentially pain in the head.

The list is staggering and features everything from everyday tension headaches, migraines and stabbing headaches, to headaches due to cough, headaches due to exertion, thunderclap headaches and even headaches as a result of sexual activity. And you thought that was just a myth, didn’t you fellas?

Even more amazing, one of the most common headaches is apparently one called the ‘over-medication headache’ from taking too many painkillers. Meaning that the very thing you’re using to get rid of the pain, could in fact be the root of your problem. That’s a bit worrying. How many of us are too happy to reach for the paracetamol when that pesky headache just won’t budge?

One bit of good news for many came in the form of a note at the bottom of the same article, which revealed the NHS are considing making a Botox injection available as early as next year to those suffering with chronic migraines.

Relief from agonising pain AND pesky crows feet all in one go. Genius.